2009 BMW 5-Series M5 E60 Owners Manual

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PDC Park Distance Control*
Automatic deactivation
After driving approx. 165 ft/50 m or at over
approx. 20 mph/30 km/h, the system is
switched off and the LED goes out. You can
reactivate the system manually as needed.
The concept
The PDC assists you when you are parking.
Acoustic signals and an optical display* alert
you to the approach of an object from behind
your vehicle. To measure the distance, there
are four ultrasonic sensors in each bumper.
The range of these sensors is approx. 7 ft/2 m.
However, an acoustic warning first sounds for
the sensors at the front and at the two rear cor-
ners at approx. 24 in/60 cm, and for the center
rear sensors at approx. 5 ft/1.50 m.
Signal tones
When nearing an object, the position is corre-
spondingly indicated by an interval tone. Thus,
an object detected to the left rear of the vehicle
will be indicated by a signal tone from the left
rear speaker, etc. As the distance between
vehicle and object decreases, the intervals
between the tones become shorter. If the dis-
tance to the nearest object falls to below
roughly 1 ft/30 cm, then a continuous tone
PDC is a parking aid that can indicate
objects when they are approached
slowly, as is usually the case when parking.
Avoid approaching an object at high speed, oth-
erwise the physical circumstances would mean
that the system warning was too late.<
An intermittent tone is interrupted after approx.
3 seconds:
if you remain in front of an object that was
only detected by one of the corner sensors
Automatic activation
The system starts to operate approx. 1 second
after you shift into reverse gear or move the
selector lever into position R with the engine
running or the ignition switched on.
if you drive parallel to a wall
The LED in the button flashes and a message
appears on the Control Display. PDC is mal-
functioning. Have the system checked.
Wait this short time before driving off.
Manual activation
To prevent this problem, keep the sensors
clean and free of ice or snow in order to ensure
that they will continue to operate effectively. Do
not spray the sensors with high-pressure clean-
ing jets for long periods and maintain a distance
of at least 4 in/10 cm to them.
Exhaust gases near the rear sensors can cause
a signal tone to sound.
PDC with visual warning*
Press the button; the LED lights up.
You can also have the system show distances
to objects on the Control Display. Objects that
are farther away are already shown there before
Manual deactivation
Press the button again; the LED goes out.
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