2009 BMW 5-Series M5 E60 Owners Manual

Fast measurement
Change to upper field if necessary. Turn the
controller until "Service requirements" is
selected and press the controller.
In addition to the automatic measurement, you
can also determine the current oil level manu-
ally, e.g. after adding engine oil, but with a lower
degree of measuring accuracy.
With the engine at operating temperature,
i.e. after at least 6 miles/10 km of uninter-
rupted driving, park the vehicle in a horizon-
tal position.
Allow the engine to run at idle.
Press the BC button on the turn signal lever
repeatedly until the oil level display is
shown in the instrument cluster.
Change to the second field from the top if
necessary. Turn the controller until "Engine
oil level" is selected and press the control-
ler. The oil level is displayed.
Press the BC button for at least 2 seconds.
The oil level is determined. A clock symbol
is displayed during the measurement.
After approx. 1 minute the current oil level is
Possible messages
"Engine oil level O.K."
Displaying via iDrive
"No measurement available: Updating
engine oil level measurement...":
iDrive, for operating principle refer to page 16.
The engine oil level is measured. This pro-
cess can take approx. 1 minute when
stopped on a level surface with the engine
running and approx. 5 minutes while driv-
Press the
This opens the start menu.
Press the controller to open the    menu.
Turn the controller until "Info sources" is
selected and press the controller.
If the engine oil has been topped off, the
measurement of the oil level can take up to
"Oil level at the minimum! Refill with 1 quart
of engine oil.":
Add a maximum of 1 US quart/1 liter of
engine oil at the next opportunity, refer also
to Adding engine oil below. Add at least
US quart/0.5 liters of oil; otherwise, the
oil level check cannot reliably display the
new oil level.
Turn the controller until "Service Info" is
selected and press the controller.
If the oil level displayed is below minimum,
add engine oil immediately. Failure to do so
may lead to engine damage.
"Engine oil level too high"*:
Have the vehicle checked immedi-
ately, otherwise engine damage may
result if too much oil has been added.<
"Please observe recalculated service inter-
val for engine oil":
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