2009 BMW 5-Series M5 E60 Owners Manual

The various criteria are listed on the Control
Select the symbol for the route criterion and
press the controller.
Select a route criterion for the route:
Select a route criterion and press the con-
"With highways"
Freeways and major traffic arteries are
given priority.
If the route criteria "Avoid highways",
"Avoid tollroads", or "Avoid ferries" are
selected, the calculation time for the route can
increase considerably.<
"Avoid highways"
Freeways are avoided where possible.
"Fast route"
Fast route, being a combination of the
shortest possible route and the fastest
Word matching principle
The system supports the word matching princi-
ple to make it easier for you to enter the names
of streets or towns. The system runs ongoing
checks, comparing your destination entries
with the data stored on the navigation DVD as
the basis for instant response. The user bene-
fits include:
"Short route"
Short route, irrespective of how fast or
slow progress will be.
Press the controller.
Names of specific locations can also vary
from the official versions if you are using a
spelling that is customary in another coun-
Instead of the German spelling "München"
you can also enter the English spelling
"Munich" or the Italian spelling "Monaco".
The route criterion is selected.
When you are entering the names of towns
and streets, the system will complete them
as soon as enough letters are available to
ensure unambiguous identification.
If necessary, select an additional route cri-
terion and then press the controller:
"Dynamic route"
Automatic rerouting due to traffic
obstructions. Depending on road type
and the kind and length of the traffic
obstruction, the route can also be calcu-
lated so that it passes through the traffic
The system only accepts name entries
beginning with letters that are stored on the
navigation DVD. The system will not accept
non existent names and addresses.
"Avoid tollroads"
Tollroads are avoided where possible.
"Avoid ferries"
Ferries are avoided where possible.
To exit the menu:
Select the arrow and press the controller.
The route criteria can also be changed in the
arrow or map view:
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