2009 BMW 5-Series M5 E60 Owners Manual

This then requires increased effort for braking
With tow rope
and steering.<
When starting off in the towing vehicle, make
sure that the tow rope is taut.
Switch on the hazard warning flashers depend-
ing on the local regulations. If the electrical sys-
tem fails, mark the vehicle to be towed, e.g. with
a sign or warning triangle in the rear window.
To avoid jerking and the associated
stresses on vehicle components when
towing, always use nylon ropes or nylon straps.
Only attach tow ropes to the tow fittings, as
attachment to other vehicle parts can lead to
Manual transmission
Gearshift lever in neutral position.
Sequential Manual Transmission with
With tow truck
Do not tow the vehicle with only the front
or rear axle raised, as otherwise the
engine may be damaged or the steering can
turn to the left or right.<
Make sure that selector lever position N is
engaged with the ignition switched on, as
otherwise the engine can be damaged during
Towing methods
Do not lift vehicle by tow fitting or body
and chassis parts, otherwise damage may
In some countries, towing with tow bars or
ropes in public traffic is not permitted. Familiar-
ize yourself with the regulations on towing in the
respective country.
Have the BMW transported only on a flatbed
With tow bar
The towing vehicle may not be lighter
than the vehicle to be towed, otherwise it
will not be possible to reliably control vehicle
Do not tow-start the vehicle if possible, but
instead start the engine by means of jump start-
ing, refer to page 232. With a catalytic con-
verter, the vehicle should only be tow-started
with the engine cold.
The tow fittings used should be on the same
side on both vehicles. Should it prove impossi-
ble to avoid mounting the tow bar at an offset
angle, please observe the following:
Manual transmission
Clearance and maneuvering capability will
be sharply limited during cornering.
Switch on the hazard warning flashers,
comply with country-specific regulations.
When mounted at an angle, the tow bar will
exert lateral forces, tending to push the
vehicle sideways.
Switch on the ignition, refer to page 57.
Shift into 3rd gear.
Tow-start with the clutch completely
depressed and slowly release the clutch.
After the engine starts, immediately
depress the clutch again completely.
Only attach the tow bar to the tow fittings,
as attachment to other vehicle parts can
lead to damage.<
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