2009 BMW 5-Series M5 E60 Owners Manual

reception, store station, tone control, sam-
ple stations.
Changing tone settings
Press the
From another menu, you can change
directly to the screen last displayed,
refer to Comfort opening of menu items,
page 19.<
This opens the start menu.
Press the controller to open the    menu.
Turn the controller until "Settings" is
selected and press the controller.
From radio readiness, the selected audio
source is stored for the remote control currently
in use.
Switching on/off
To switch the Entertainment sound output on
and off:
Press knob 1 next to the CD player.
This symbol on the Control Display indi-
cates that sound output is switched off.
Select  "Audio" and press the controller.
The tone settings can also be selected if you
have called up "Entertainment" in the start
Select "Set" and then "Tone", pressing the
controller after each selection.
For a single drive, the sound output is available
for approx. 20 minutes with the ignition
switched off.
Switch on the sound output again for this pur-
Treble and bass
Adjusting volume
Change to upper field if necessary. Turn the
controller until "Treble / Bass" is selected
and press the controller.
Turn knob 1 next to the CD player until the
desired volume is set.
You can also adjust the volume with the buttons
on the steering wheel, refer to page 11.
From radio readiness, the setting is stored for
the remote control currently in use.
Tone control
You can alter various tone settings, e.g. treble
and bass, or the speed-dependent volume
The tone settings are set for all audio sources at
From radio readiness, the settings are stored
for the remote control currently in use.
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