2009 BMW 5-Series M5 E60 Owners Manual

Control sensors or radar sensors.<
in/30 cm from sensors, e.g. Park Distance
important to tailor the frequency and extent of
your car care accordingly.
Immediately remove particularly aggressive
substances such as spilled fuel, oil, grease,
brake fluid, tree resin, or bird droppings; other-
wise, they may damage your paint.
Hand washing
When washing the vehicle by hand, use plenty
of water and car washing shampoo. Clean the
vehicle with gentle pressure using a sponge or a
washing brush.
Repairing paint damage
Before cleaning the windshield, deacti-
vate the rain sensor or switch off the igni-
tion to prevent unwanted wiper operation.<
Repair stone damage or scratches imme-
diately, depending on the severity of the
damage, to prevent the formation of rust.<
Follow local guidelines for washing vehi-
cles by hand.<
BMW recommends having paint damage pro-
fessionally repaired using Genuine BMW finish
materials in accordance with factory guidelines.
Do not rub dry and never use abrasives or
strong solvents to clean the covers.
Sealant is required when water no longer beads
on the clean surface of the paint. Use only prod-
ucts that contain carnauba wax or synthetic wax
to seal your finish.
Loosen dirt, e.g. insects, with shampoo or
insect remover and wash away with plenty of
Use a window de-icer to remove accumulated
ice and snow, not a scraper.
Rubber gaskets
Treat only with water or a rubber care product.
To avoid noise or damage, do not use
products that contain silicone to care for
rubber gaskets.<
Use a glass cleaner to clean the inside and out-
side surfaces of the windows and the glass sur-
faces of the mirrors.
Chrome components
Do not use quartz-containing cleansers
Particularly after exposure to road salt, thor-
oughly cleanse parts like the radiator grille, door
handles, or window frames with plenty of water
with shampoo added to it. For additional treat-
ment, use chrome polish.
to clean glass surfaces of the mirrors.<
Wiper blades
Clean with soapy water and replace regularly to
prevent streaking.
The presence of wax and sealant residues
and dirt on the windows leads to streaking
during wiper operation and results in premature
wear on wiper blades as well as interference
with the rain sensor.<
Alloy wheels
Depending on your system, braking can gener-
ate dust, which settles on the light-alloy wheels.
Remove this dust regularly with acid-free wheel
Do not use aggressive, acid-containing,
strongly alkaline, or coarse cleansers and
do not use steam cleaners at temperatures
greater than 1407/606; otherwise you may
damage your vehicle.<
Caring for the vehicle finish
Regular care helps your vehicle retain its value
and protects the paint from the long-term
effects of aggressive substances.
Regionally occurring environmental factors can
affect and damage vehicle finish. It is therefore
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