2009 BMW 5-Series M5 E60 Owners Manual

Turn the controller to adjust the air distribu-
At the lowest temperature, the automatic cli-
mate control switches into recirculating air
mode. The maximum air volume flows out of the
vents for the upper body. Therefore, open these
vents for maximum cooling.
AUC Automatic recirculated-air
control/recirculated-air mode
You can respond to pollutants or
unpleasant odors in the immediate
environment by suspending the
supply of outside air. The system then recircu-
lates the air currently within the vehicle. During
AUC operation, a sensor detects pollutants in
the outside air and controls the shut-off auto-
Driver's side:
Air directed toward the windshield and side
Air for the upper body
Air to footwell
By pressing the button repeatedly, you can
request three operating modes:
Front passenger side:
LED off: outside air flows in continuously.
Air for the upper body
Air to footwell
Right LED on, AUC mode: the system
detects pollutants in the outside air and
shuts off the supply as needed.
Pressing the AUTO button cancels the
manual air distribution settings.<
Left LED on, recirculated-air mode: the
supply of outside air is permanently shut off.
The automatic mode for the air volume remains
effective with manual air distribution.
Should the windows fog up in the recircu-
lated-air mode, press the AUTO button or
Switching cooling function on and off
switch off the recirculated-air mode and
increase the air volume if necessary.
The recirculated-air mode should not be used
over an extended period of time, as the air qual-
ity inside the vehicle deteriorates continu-
The cooling function cools and
dehumidifies the incoming air
before also reheating it as
required, according to the temperature setting.
This function is only available when the engine
is running.
Residual heat
The cooling function helps to avoid condensa-
tion on the window surfaces or to quickly
remove them.
The heat stored in the engine is
used to heat the passenger com-
partment, e.g. while stopped at a
school to pick up a child.
Depending on the weather, the windshield may
fog over briefly when the engine is started.
Switch off the engine.
The cooling function is also switched on with
the AUTO program.
Turn to the right, refer to arrow.
The function can be switched on when the fol-
lowing conditions are met:
Maximum cooling
Maximally cooled air is obtained as
quickly as possible at an outside
temperature above approx. 327/
up to 15 minutes after switching off the
with engine at operating temperature
6 and with the engine running.
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