2009 BMW 5-Series M5 E60 Owners Manual

Compressed audio files*
Inserting/removing CDs into/from
CD magazine
Select the current track and press the con-
When inserting or removing CDs, remember to
hold them by their edges, taking care to avoid
touching the data side with its reflective CD
memory surface.
Select the desired menu item:
To play all tracks of the current directory
in random order, select "Random direc-
tory" and press the controller.
To play all tracks of the CD in random
order, select "Random all" and press the
To stop random function:
Press the controller.
Select "Random directory" or "Random all"
and press the controller.
Inserting CDs:
Insert one CD into each compartment of the
magazine with the labeled side up.
Fast forward/reverse
Buttons next to CD player:
Press and hold the
sponding direction.
button for the corre-
CD magazine
The BMW CD changer for six CDs is installed in
the glove compartment.
Removing CD magazine
Removing CDs:
Pull out the desired tray and remove the CD.
To insert CDs into the CD magazine 1 or
remove them from it, you must first remove the
magazine from the CD changer:
Inserting CD magazine
Push in the CD magazine as far as possible in
the direction of the arrow.
Press button 2: the CD magazine 1 slides out.
Wait at least 2 seconds before pushing in the
magazine again so that the inserted CDs can be
read in again.
The CD changer reads in the loaded CDs and is
then ready for operation.
Online Edition for Part no. 01 41 2 600 738 - © 08/08 BMW AG
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