2009 BMW 5-Series M5 E60 Owners Manual

mobile phone from the vehicle if you wish to
place a call with the mobile phone.
Switching on ignition
Insert the remote control as far as possible
into the ignition lock.
Switch on the ignition by pressing the Start/
Stop button without depressing the brake
or clutch pedal.
Pairing mobile phone in vehicle
The following prerequisites must be met:
Preparation via iDrive
Suitable mobile phone: the mobile phone is
supported by the full mobile phone prepara-
tion package. Information on this subject is
also provided on the Internet at:
iDrive, for operating principle refer to page 16.
Press the
button to open the start
The mobile phone is ready to operate.
The Bluetooth link on the vehicle, refer to
page 181, and on the mobile phone is
Depending on the mobile phone, the mobile
phone may need presetting: e.g. using the
following menu items:
Bluetooth activated
Press the controller to open the    menu.
Select "Settings" and press the controller.
Connection must be allowed without
requiring further confirmation
Depending on the mobile phone model, the
setting energy saving mode can, for exam-
ple, result in vehicle failing to detect the
paired mobile phone.
For pairing purposes, define any 4-16-digit
number as a Bluetooth passkey,
e.g. 25081107. A long and complex num-
ber offers the best protection against unau-
thorized access. This Bluetooth passkey is
no longer required after pairing is success-
Select "Bluetooth" and press the controller.
The ignition is switched on.
Only pair the mobile phone with the vehi-
cle stopped, otherwise the passengers
and other road users can be endangered due to
a lack of attentiveness on the part of the
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