2009 BMW 5-Series M5 E60 Owners Manual

a signal tone sounds. The setting is stored for
the remote control currently in use.
of ultrasonic measurement, such as those
encountered with tow bars and trailer cou-
plings, or thin and wedge-shaped objects etc.
Low objects already displayed, e.g. curbs, can
also disappear from the detection area of the
sensors again before or after a continuous tone
already sounds. Higher, protruding objects, e.g.
ledges, cannot be detected. For this reason,
drive with care; otherwise, there is a danger of
personal injury or property damage.
iDrive, for operating principle refer to page 16.
Press the
This opens the start menu.
Press the controller to open the    menu.
Loud sources of sound, inside and outside the
vehicle, could drown out the PDC signal tone.<
Driving stability control
Turn the controller until "Settings" is
selected and press the controller.
Your BMW is equipped with an extended array
of systems designed to enhance and maintain
vehicle stability under extreme conditions.
Turn the controller until "Vehicle / Tires" is
selected and press the controller.
ABS Antilock Brake System
Change to upper field if necessary. Turn the
controller until "PDC" is selected and press
the controller.
ABS prevents locking of the wheels during
braking. Safe steering response is maintained
even during full braking. Active safety is thus
The ABS is operational every time you start the
engine. Braking safely refer to page 117.
CBC Cornering Brake Control
When braking during curves or when braking
during a lane change, driving stability and steer-
ing response are improved further.
Select  "PDC display on" and press the con-
The PDC screen is activated.
Electronic brake-force distribution
The system controls the brake pressure in the
rear wheels to ensure stable braking behavior.
The display appears on the Control Display as
soon as PDC is activated.
Brake assistant
When you apply the brakes rapidly, this system
produces maximum braking force boosting and
thus helps to achieve the shortest possible
braking distance during full braking maneuvers.
This system exploits all of the benefits provided
by ABS.
System limits
Even with PDC, final responsibility for
estimating the distance between the
vehicle and any obstructions always remains
with the driver. Even when sensors are pro-
vided, there is a blind spot in which objects can
no longer be detected. The system is also sub-
ject to the physical limits that apply to all forms
Do not reduce the pressure on the brake pedal
for the duration of the full braking.
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