2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

Safety Warnings
Heed caution not to spill water or intro-
duce  foreign  objects  into  the device.
Such acts could lead to smoke, fire, or
product malfunction.
For most Audio and multimedia modes,
the display will not operate when the
vehicle is in motion. For your safety, first
park the vehicle to watch or view the
screen.(The  screen  will  only operate
when the parking brake is ON for man-
ual transmission vehicles and when the
parking brake is ON or the gearshift is in
the P (PARK) position for automatic.)
Some functions   other  than  the  one
mentioned above cannot be used while
driving. These  functions  operate only
when the vehicle is parked.  
Even when receiving   route  guidance
from  the  Navigation  system,  please
abide by actual traffic and road regu-
lations. Following only the Navigation
route guidance may lead to violations of
actual traffic and road regulations and
lead to traffic accidents.
If you use phone related functions while
driving, you will find it difficult to concen-
trate on operating the vehicle and the
current traffic conditions, so the possibil-
ity of an accident may increase. Please
use phone related functions only when
Do not stare at the screen while driv-
ing. Staring at the screen for prolonged
periods of time could lead to traffic acci-
Please refrain from use if the screen
is blank or no sound can be heard as
these signs may indicate product mal-
function. Continued  use in such con-
ditions could lead to accidents    (fires,
electric shock) or product malfunctions.
Do not touch the antenna during thun-
der or lightening as such acts may lead
to lightning induced electric shock.
Do not operate the Navigation system
while driving, such as entering POIs or
conducting route searches. Such acts
could lead to accidents, fire, or electric
shock. Park the vehicle before operating
the device.
Do not disassemble, assemble, or mod-
ify the Multimedia   system. Such acts
could result in accidents, fire, or electric
Do not stop or park in parking-restricted
areas to operate the product. Such acts
could lead to traffic accidents.
I Basic
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