2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

Before Use
What Is Blue Link?
About Transmission and
Reception of Radio Waves
This is a Hyundai telematics service based on our cutting-edge IT
system that makes your driving experience more convenient and
fun and features safety, security, vehicle diagnostics, remote con-
trol and even smartphone synchronization functions.
Enjoy a smarter driving style with Blue Link.
Connection to the Blue Link Center or wireless data transmission
may be disrupted in the following places.
For radio wave transmission/reception status, refer to the status
displayed on the Blue Link screen.
It is recommended that you use the Blue Link system when the
antenna icon (
) shows four bars or more.
What Is Telematics?
The word “Telematics” stems from the combination of telecommu-
nications and informatics, and refers to an information system that
provides a variety of driving information through the built-in termi-
nal by analyzing each symptom and driving state. This allows for a
much safer and more comfortable driving experience.
Places where Blue Link may be disrupted depending on the trans-
mission/reception status:
Inside tunnels
Mountainous areas or dense forest
Roads close to cliff edges
Densely built-up areas
On highways or roads underneath higher interchange roads
Inside buildings
Before Use I 4-3
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