2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

About Pairing Mobile Phones
Q I cannot pair my mobile phone. What is the cause?
Q What is a Passkey?
A Check to see that the mobile phone supports Bluetooth® func-
tion. Verify if Bluetooth on the cell phone is set to OFF. If so, set
it to ON. If the cell phone still can’t be registered, try again after
turning Bluetooth off and on, or delete the device registration on
the AVN and cell phone and then register the cell phone again.
A A passkey is the password used to authenticate the connection
between the head unit and mobile phone. The passkey only
needs to be entered once when pairing the mobile phone for the
first time.
The initial passkey is 0000. You can change it with
▶    Bluetooth System Info
Q What is the difference between pairing a mobile phone and con-
necting a mobile phone?
A Pairing occurs through authenticating the head unit and mobile
phone. Mobile phones paired to the head unit can be connected
and disconnected until the paired mobile phone is deleted from
the system. Bluetooth® Handsfree features, such as making/
answering calls or managing contacts, are supported only in
mobile phones connected with the head unit.
Appendix I 10-7
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