2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

Blue Link  Safety and
Stolen Vehicle Recovery
Security Service
Customers   request   emergency   Blue
Link  emergence  services   by pressing
In  the  event  a  customer’s   vehicle   is
reported   stolen  (and  a stolen  vehicle
report has been filed with the appropriate
police department), the response center
can provide assistance to the police in an
attempt to recover the vehicle.
Auto Crash Notifi cation
the dedicated               key in the vehicle.
Provides immediate assistance when an
accident occurs and an airbag is deployed.
In  this  event,  an ACN signal,  contain-
ing customer  and location   information,
will automatically  be transmitted   to the
response center. Upon receipt of the sig-
nal, a response specialist will attempt to
establish voice communications with the
vehicle occupants and forward any perti-
nent information to Blue Link emergency
This action transmits vehicle information
and location to specially trained response
specialists, who assist in coordinating the
dispatch of appropriate emergency assis-
tance to the customer.
Vehicle Slowdown
Used with Stolen Vehicle Recovery, this
enables  law  enforcement  to  gradually
reduce the engine power of the vehicle,
thus slowing it down to safe levels. A warn-
ing shall be transmitted to the driver prior
to the slowdown procedure.
The response specialist remains on the
line with the customer until advised assis-
tance has arrived.
Vehicle Immobilization
Used with Stolen Vehicle Recovery, this
enables law enforcement to send a signal
to the vehicle which immobilizes the engine
management  system,   thus  preventing
startup. This capability is only valid when
the ignition is off, but can be saved for later
immobilization  if the vehicle is on or in
motion at the time of signal transmission.
Getting Started with Blue Link I 4-5
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