2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

If connect  to the   Multimedia  system
while podcast or iTunes music down-
loading  to iPod/iPhone,  it may occur
some problems when you select song
in the list. Reconnect iPod/iPhone to the
Multimedia system when downloading
is finished or the file deleted.
If the   iPhone/iPod   Touch  suppor ts
Bluetooth, it is unable to use Bluetooth
Audio if the Apple device that is con-
nected   to  the   Multimedia    system
through   both  USB  connection   and
Bluetooth. Disconnect the USB connec-
tion then use Bluetooth Audio
If connect  to the   Multimedia  system
while sync, it may occur some problems.
Try to use iPod/iPhone connection after
sync complete. (To learn more, refer to
your iPod manual)
If  iPod/iPhone      connected    to   the
Multimedia system through both USB
and  AUX. iPod/iPhone  keeps  output
sound via AUX, thus it may occur sound
will not output in iPod mode.
iPhone  and  iPod Touch  devices  are
guaranteed  to work  normally  on iOS
7.0.6 or below. However, they may not
work normally on future iOS versions
as their operations have not yet been
If AUX cable connected to iPod/iPhone
but not connect to the Multimedia sys-
tem, it may occur sound will not output
in iPod mode due to iPod/iPhone’s fea-
ture. Especially, if you use AUX cable
like pictures, this problem may occur.
Disconnect AUX cable from iPod/iPhone
first,  then  connect  to the Multimedia
system via USB. Or change settings to
“Dock” in iPod/iPhone.
iPod I 2-33
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