2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

Add to Playlist : Adds the current track to the
Playlist: Playlist is placed on the left tab in the
list (Maximum 100 files) Select a desired track
and press “Add to Playlist” to add the track in
the playlist.
Delete from Playlist : Select a track you want to
delete from the playlist and press “Delete from
Playlist” to delete the track in the playlist      
Now Playing : When moving to a different list
screen, moves to the list page where the cur-
rent file is located (Becomes disabled when
the current list includes the current file)
Search tracks by the list type. Search songs accord-
ing to Playlist, Artist, Song, Album, and Genre.
Search Menu
  If access the search menu while playing a
track, it moves to the previous search mode.
If button is pressed (less than 0.8 seconds):
Plays previous/next track
If play time is less than 3 seconds, moves to
previous/next file
If play time is over than 3 seconds, play the
current file from the beginning
If button is pressed (over than 0.8 seconds):
Moves to play screen, and then it will rewind or
fast-forward the track. It will play the track nor-
mally if button released.
Displays folder/category name in the list
Category Name
Current Song
Back Button
Displays current playing file name
Converts to basic mode screen
Turn the
TUNE knob to move the focus to the
Upper Folder/
previous/next list. If the desired track is displayed,
If you do not anything    with the knob for
Moves to Upper Folder
TUNE knob to play the track.
5 seconds, the
TUNE knob search will be
USB I 2-27
H_LF16MY_G4.0[USA_N] Part2.indd
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