2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

Voice Recognition
What is Voice Recognition?
Precautions Required
for Successful Voice
The microphone that recognizes your
voice is located over the head part in
the driver's seat. To make your com-
mands better  understood,  keep your
body straight in the driver's seat when
speaking the command.
Voice recognition technology runs the sys-
tem as ordered by recognizing your voice
command for operation of the multimedia
while you are driving the car.
1.  Voice recognition   supports  only  the
commands that are displayed on the
screen and written in the User's Guide.
2.  To ensure the correct recognition and
execution of your command, say your
command when you hear the beep after
a voice prompt.
Regretfully, not all possible   voice com-
mands are recognized by the system due
to technological limitations. To make up for
these limitations, the system displays the
voice commands that are available for you
to use.
5. Speaking   naturally   and  clearly  will
ensure better recognition of your voice
6. In the following cases voice recognition
will be affected by ambient noise.
3.  Voice recognition automatically ends if:
1) A call is incoming or outgoing
2)  A media (USB or iPod, etc.) is con-
nected or disconnected
1)  The sound of the wind if any win-
dow or the sun roof is open.
2)  High speed  blower  from  the  air
vents. Set climate control to blow
lower than level 3.
There are errors in communication between
people. Likewise, voice recognition some-
times misunderstands your voice command
in some circumstances. If this happens,
either check the screen for the available
options and say the command again, or
manually select and press the button for the
corresponding command on the screen.
3)  The front  or rear view camera   is
operated (optional)
3)  Vibrations from passing through a
4)  The car engine starts or stops
5)  A system key, such as
4)  Vibrations  from   driving   on  an
uneven road.
key is selected
6)  An emergency occurs, for example
re-searching for the route after the
navigation route has been lost
5) Storms and heavy rain.
I Voice Recognition
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