2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

Possible Cause
Sound does not work in   Are the audio connector jacks fully
AUX mode
inserted into the AUX terminal?
1.  Errors which occur during the operation or installation of the
device may be mistaken as a malfunction of the actual device.
2. If you are having problems with the device, try the suggestions
listed below.
The external  device  is   Is the external device connected with a
not working
standard connector cable?
Within modes that play files by reading
external sources, such as discs, USB, iPod,
3. If the problems persist, contact your Hyundai dealer.
or Bluetooth
streaming mode, the most
recently played mode screen prior to turning
off power may not properly load
Possible Cause
the Upon turning power on, most  recent  mode   If there is no disc or the corresponding
Because the LCD is manufactured with
technology requiring high point density,
a pixel or lighting deficiency may occur
within 0.01% of total pixels
There are small red,
blue, or green dots on
the screen
device is not connected, the mode oper-
screen is not displayed
ated prior to the most recent mode will
If the previous mode still cannot be prop-
erly played, the mode operated prior to
that will operate
Has the Switch for the vehicle been turned
to [ACC] or [ON]?
The sound or image is
not working
Has the SYSTEM been turned OFF?
The screen is being dis-
played but sound is not
Has the volume been set to a low level?
Has the volume been muted?
The display appearing somewhat dark
after prolonged periods of use is normal
with LCD panels. It is not a malfunction
When the power is
turned on, the corners of
the screen are dark
If the screen is very dark, contact your
nearest Hyundai dealer for assistance
Sound is working from
only one speaker
Are the positions of Fader or Balance
sound controls adjusted to only one side?
I Appendix
H_LF16MY_G4.0[USA_N] Part10.indd
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