2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

On-Screen Touch Controls
Learn  how to touch the screen to
operate the system.
Tap lightly on a menu or an item to
select it.
Drag the frequency bar to the left or
right to move to the frequency that
you want.
The system  will  not recognize  your
touch if you wear a glove or other non-
conductive material. Touch the screen
using  your  finger,  an  electrostatic
touch-screen glove, or a stylus pen.
Select  a menu  or item  you want,
then drag and drop it to where you
want to place it.
From the Edit My Menu screen, drag
and drop  icons  to add,  delete,  or
move to from My Menu.
Drag or touch the slider along the
play  bar  in  the  music  screens  to
jump to the point that you want to
play from. However, the CD player
does not support drag function.
Quickly moves up and down in the
Music screens for Disc CD and Disc
MP3 do not support this function.
•   Moving the list when there are many
items will display a handler on the right
of the display. You can easily    move
many items at a time with the handler
MY_G4.0[USA_N] QRG.indd
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