2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

If repeatedly  connect and disconnect
iPod/iPhone to the Multimedia system
with  USB cable  in short  time,  it may
cause abnormal operation.
To listen to the iPod sound, reconnect
the USB cable or change the audio out-
put settings in iPod/iPhone to Dock.
In order to use the iPod while operating
the keys, you must use a dedicated iPod
cable. (the cable that is supplied when
purchasing iPod/ iPhone products)
Using iPod Devices
iPod is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
iPod mode will not operate if the con-
nected iPod cannot be recognized due
to operation  of unsupported  versions
that do not support related protocols,
iPod  abnormalities,    or  iPod  device
defects. Some iPods with unsupported
communication protocols may not prop-
erly operate with the Multimedia system.
For fifth generation iPod Nano devices,
the iPod may not be recognized when
the battery level is low. Please charge
the iPod for use.
The time for recognition of iPod/iPhone
may vary  depending  on device  type,
firmware version and iOS version.
For some   iPod  Touch  and  iPhone
  During ACC ON state, connecting the
iPod through the iPod cable (The cable
that is supplied when purchasing iPod/
iPhone product.) will charge the iPod
through the head unit.
devices, connecting Bluetooth
while the
iPod is operating may result in discon-
tinued iPod sound. When such devices
with Bluetooth  support are connected,
this problem occurs as the sound source
is changed from the Dock Connector
(USB connector cable) to Bluetooth.
To prevent  this  symptom,   Bluetooth
Audio function in the Multimedia system
is limited if iPod/iPhone is connected
to the system through both cable and
Bluetooth. To listen to the iPod sound,
use either iPod menu with USB connec-
tion or Bluetooth Audio with Bluetooth
  The use of genuine iPod cables sup-
plied by Apple is recommended. (The
use  of  other  products  may  result  in
noise or abnormal operation.)
Search/play orders  shown within  the
iPod device may differ with the orders
shown within the Multimedia system.
If the iPod malfunctions due to an iPod
device defect,  reset  the iPod and try
again. (To learn more, refer to your iPod
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