2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

Add to Playlist : Adds the current track to the
Playlist : Playlist is placed on the left tab in the
list (Maximum 100 files) Select a track and press
“Add to Playlist” to add the track in the playlist
Delete from Playlist : Select a track from the
playlist and press “Delete   from Playlist” to
delete the track in the playlist      
Delete Files : Deletes files from My Music
  If delete file from My Music, the information
related to song also deleted in the list.
Now Playing : When moving to a different list
screen, moves to the list page where the cur-
rent file is located (Becomes disabled when
the current list includes the current file
Search tracks by the list type. Search songs accord-
ing to Playlist, Artist, Song, Album, and Genre.
If access the search menu while playing a
track, it moves to the previous search mode.  
Search Menu
If button is pressed (less than 0.8 seconds)
moves to previous/next file or play the current
song from the beginning
If play time is less than 3 seconds, moves to
previous/next file
If play time is over than 3 seconds, plays the
current file from the beginning
If button is pressed (over than 0.8 seconds) it will
rewind/fast-forward the track
Displays folder/category name in the list
Category Name
Current Song
Back Button
  Upper Folder
Displays current playing file name
Converts to basic mode screen
Moves to Root Folder
Turn the
vious/next file. If the file you want to play is dis-
TUNE knob to move the focus to pre-
played, press
TUNE knob to play the track.
TUNE knob is not pressed within 5
seconds of searching tracks, Tune search
will be terminated.
  If the
H_LF16MY_G4.0[USA_N] Part2.indd
2015-05-26   오전 10:36:2
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