2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

Recognizing Music
Searching Music
After selecting SoundHound
button, the song recognition pro-
Music can also be searched by selecting the Search option in
SoundHound main screen and typing a song, artist, album or lyr-
ics into the search field.
cess is activated, the system will match current playing song with
the SoundHound music database.
Music from Smartphones and MP3 players that are not connected
to head unit can also be recognized.
Displays current operating mode.
Goes back to SoundHound main screen.
  Back button
Displays menu options:
Home: Goes back to SoundHound main screen.
History: Goes to History screen.
Favorites: Goes to Favorites screen.
Exit: Exits SoundHound application and goes back to
previous media mode.
Now Listening…
Message displayed while SoundHound is pro-
cessing the music.
Starts over the song recognition process.
Delete option is available in Favorites and History
Cancels song recognition process and Exits
Displays search field. Once text is typed, recommended
Search field  song, artist, album or lyrics information that might match
the search criteria is displayed in the scroll menu.
  Back button
Goes back to previous screen.
Search icon  Starts the searching process.
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