2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

Route Setting
All Routes                                      
After searching the destination, pos-
sible to set a route.
When the alternative routes option
is enabled in navigation setting, two
routing options are displayed based
on faster time and shorter distance.
Faster Time : Select time-optimized
route, being the fastest roads.
While  the  destination   is  set,  the
b u t t o n s
Change Destination
a n d
Add Waypoint    appear.   Press  each
button  to change  a destination  or
add a waypoint.
Shorter Distance : Select short dis-
tance, irrespective of how fast or slow
progress will be calculated.
Destination Setting(Change)
Display total distance, travel
time.  Select  the  desired
Start the guidance with the
Change the route option.
Preview turn-by-turn list.
Edit the route.
After  searching   the  destination,
press the    Set as Destination
button to
Display total distance of the
set the location as a destination and
search a route.
Display length of freeway on
the route
Display length of toll road on
the route
Display length of Ferry route
on the route
MY_G4.0[USA_N] QRG.indd
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