2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

SiriusXM™ Stock
SiriusXM™ Sports
In the “SiriusXM Data” screen, press
the “Stocks” icon to enter the Stocks
Press the “Sports” icon to enter the
Sports mode.
This  service   provides   real-time
updated information on scores and
schedules for major sports, such as
NFL,  NBA,  NCAA football,  NCAA
basketball,   NHL,  MLB,  NASCAR
and more.
Stocks is a feature that shows the
current value and change of stocks.
For symbols  which  you are  inter-
ested in, press the icon to save the
symbol as a part of Saved symbols
can be viewed from the My Favorites
button on the Stock Main screen.
My Favorites
My Favorites shows a list of stocks
added by the user. When entering
the Stocks menu for the first time,
a screen is displayed for you to add
your favorite stock information. Press
My Teams
You can save teams which you are
interested  in as part  of My teams
to easily  view related   scores  and
the   Add
button to move to the stock
search screen.
Select the My Teams menu and then
press the   Add
button to search for
and register your favorite teams.
Search for your favorite teams and
press the
button on the right to
add it to the “My Teams” list.
MY_G4.0[USA_N] QRG.indd
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