2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

Siri Eyes Free
How to use Siri
When you access the Siri screen while
How to start Siri
pressing and holding
key on the
If you want to use Siri, you have to con-
nect your iOS device to Multimedia system
through Bluetooth.
steering wheel, you can press
ton  and  then  you can  speak  what  you
want. Please see the Multimedia system
only supports “Phone” related functions.
Other functions will be performed in your
iOS device. If you press voice key quickly,
Siri would re-start. If you hold down voice
key, Siri  would  be  terminated  and  the
screen  would  go back  to  the  previous
screen. Eyes-Free mode would be acti-
vated automatically while you are driving.
When shifting gears into P or putting the
Parking break on, Eyes-Free mode would
be deactivated automatically.
(Please check whether your iOS device
supports Siri and turning Siri On)
Then you can use Siri while pressing and
i   Information
key on the steering wheel.
•   Functions    and  feedbacks     from  voice
commands  via  Siri  are  executed  in  iOS
device. If iOS version changed, functions and
feedbacks can be changed according to iOS
I Voice Recognition
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