2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

i   Information
System Info
System Update
The   settings    are   allowe  d  only    after
disconnecting    any  type  of  USB  device
including  an  Android  device  and  a USB
memory as well.
At  the  System  Info  screen,  insert  the
updated memory (USB or SD card) with
the latest file downloaded, and then select
At the System Info screen, software ver-
sion information,  updates,  and storage
status details are available.
Pandora  may not  be used  outside  of the
United States.
the   Update   button to begin updating. The
system will then reboot automatically.
Regardless  of using  Android  Auto, when
any Android device is connected with a USB
cable, it basically starts charging.
Carrier charges may apply to use Android
i   Information
This product needs supplemented software
updates,   additional   new  functions,   and
renewed maps, which collectively may take
some time to complete, depending on the
amount of data.
SW Info
System version informa-
tion and update details are
•   If the power is disconnected or the USB or
SD card is removed during an update, the
data might be damaged. Please wait until the
update is complete while the engine is on.
Select the   Update
to update the system. After
update  is complete,  the
system will reboot auto-
Displays the memory space
available for media files
and applications.
I Setup
H_LF16MY_G4.0[USA_N] Part9.indd
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