2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

About Disc
Clean  fingerprints   and  dust  off  the  disc
surface (coated side) with a soft cloth.
Copy-protected CDs, such as S-type CDs,
may not properly operate in the device. DATA
CDs cannot be played. (However, such discs
may still abnormally operate.)
•   Steam can become condensed on the fi ber-
optic  lens  due  to rain,  wet conditions,  or
upon operating the heating system. In such
cases, discs may not be properly recognized.
Remove the disc and wait until the moisture
Precautions upon Handling Discs
After using a disc, put the disc back in its
original case to prevent disc scratches.
Do not use abnormally shaped discs (8cm,
heart-shaped, octagon-shaped) as such discs
could lead to errors.
Do not disassemble the device. Contact a
designated service center in case of problems.
(Complete after service assistance will not be
provided if the user disassembles the device.)
Do  not  use  water   to  clean  the  device.
Exposure  to water  could  lead  to product
•   Skipping may occur during audio play when
driving on bumpy roads for prolonged periods
of time or upon severe shock to the vehicle. In
case of severe shock, audio may not properly
Do not clean discs with chemical solutions,
such  as record  sprays,  antistatic  sprays,
antistatic liquids, benzene, or thinners.
Do not expose the disc to direct sunlight or
high temperatures for prolonged periods of
time. Such exposure may lead to disc defor-
Do not introduce   foreign  substances  into
the disc insert/eject slot. Introducing foreign
substances could damage the device interior.
The  device   may  not   properly   operate
in  extremely   hot  or  cold  temperatures.
(The operating temperature range is : 14˚F ~
Upon playing a disc contaminated    by dirt
or other substances, the sound quality may
deteriorate  and result in skipping   sounds.
Writing on either side of the disc could result
in damage to disc surfaces.
About Disc I 2-11
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