2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

CD-R/RW Compatibility
Cautions upon Writing CDs
Compressed Audio Compatibility
Physical formats of CD : Model 1, Model
2 XA format 1.
This device supports   CD-R,  CD-RW,
and MP3 discs burned in Audio CD for-
When a multi-session    disc  is  being
recorded, make sure to close the ses-
sion before recording.
This device supports   audio  file  com-
pressed through MPEG-1 audio stream
layer 3 (MP3) using 8kbps ~ 320kbps.
(CBR or VBR)
The recording   of  CD-R  and  CD-RW
discs with this device is not supported.
CD-R/RW discs recorded as audio CDs
that were not finalized are not supported
by this device.
If  MP3/WMA    file    extensions     are
changed, such could result in errors.
In the case of MP3/WMA, write using
only English. (Other languages are not
For stable  operation,  the use of files
in 95kbps~192kbps bit rate range and
44.1kHz SAMPLING frequency is rec-
Unauthorized  use  of  copy-protected
PC-created Disc Compatibility
music files is prohibited by law.  
When burning a disc on a PC, the disc
may not operate in this device depend-
ing on the software   settings. In such
cases, inquire with the software manu-
Prolonged use of CD-R/CD-RW prod-
ucts that do not satisfy related specifica-
tions may result in abnormal operation.
When writing CDs, low-speed writing is
This device supports WMA audio files
using 20kbps ~ 320kbps. (CBR or VBR)
Variable bit rate files may operate, but
the play time information   may not be
properly displayed.
Additional information regarding com-
patibility is displayed on the CD-R/RW
software disc box.
This device only supports tracks with file
extension of “.mp3” or “.wma”.
This device does not support multises-
sion discs.
DVD-R/W discs are not compatible with
this device.
This device supports only 8 layer fold-
About Disc I 2-13
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