2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

i   Information
Using the Menu During
a Phone Call
If the caller's number is listed in Contacts, the
caller's name will be displayed. Otherwise,
only the number will be displayed. In some
mobile phones, the phone number may not
be displayed.
Switches  a  voice  call
from the car Hands-free
to the mobile phone.
Use Private
Ends a call.
Displays  the  Contacts
In some Bluetooth devices, the Use Private
feature may not be supported.
Displays the Mic Volume
settings. You can adjust
the in-call  volume that
the  other  party  hears
(level 1 - 5).
In some Bluetooth devices, the Switch feature
may not be supported.
•   During a phone call on a Bluetooth Hands-
free, you cannot access other modes, such as
Audio Video and Settings. You can switch to
in-call volume control and navigation modes
Moves to a screen   for
entering ARS numbers.
Switches  to  a  call  on
hold, if any.  You can also
switch  calls  by select-
ing  the  number  in  the
Information Display. The
Switch function switches
the  current    call  to  a
waiting call in order to
answer a new incoming
Depending  on  handset  types,  the  in-call
volume the other party hears may differ. If the
other party hears your voice too low or too
loud, adjust the mic volume.
When making a call, you can use the fol-
lowing menu items.
I Bluetooth
H_LF16MY_G4.0[USA_N] Part3.indd
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