2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

Starting the System for the
First Time
System Reset
•   Cannot operate the system while it is booting
up. It may take some time for all of features of
the system, particularly the voice recognition
system, to be ready for use.
Turning the System On/Off
Press the engine start button or set the
ignition key to On or ACC. Each time you
turn on the system, a boot logo and safety
warning will appear.
Pressing and holding the power key on the
head unit will turn off the system.
You can change Screen Saver Settings in
Setup to display a clock or another chosen
image on the Screen Saver.
The System Reset function restores the
system when it is not operating correctly.
Press and hold the RESET key for a sec-
ond or longer. (It is recommended that you
press the RESET key using a tool, such as
a pin or a clip.)
i   Information
If you turn off the system during a phone call
using the Hands-free feature, then the call will
automatically switch to your mobile phone.
Pressing the power key on the head unit
will display the user confirm   screen. To
change  the  system  language  between
English,  French,  Spanish  and  Korean
Check  the  volume  when  turning   on  the
system. Before turning on the system, adjust
the volume to a reasonable level.
•   Resetting  the system restores  all existing
settings  and  configurations  (e.g. volume,
display, etc.) back to their factory defaults.
press the Change
Starting the System for the First Time I 1-9
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