2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

Accessing FM/AM Mode
You can access the radio player either by pressing the
hard key or by
selecting the Radio menu option from All Menus on the Home screen.
i   Information
If you press the
hard key when the power is off, then the power will turn on
and a radio broadcast will be tuned up.
If you are in the FM/AM mode, select the FM/AM radio widget from the Home screen to
access the radio player.
Displays current operating mode
Mode Display
If select wanted mode tap, it will change to selected mode in
Shows saved presets for user selection
After selecting frequency press and hold (over 0.8 sec-
onds) the preset button.  A 'beep' will sound and the fre-
quency is saved to the selected preset button.
  A total of 24 frequencies with 12 preset frequencies each
for FM/AM modes can be saved.
Flick the frequency bar left/right to search for available
radio channels to the left or right of the current channel.
Dragging: Drag the frequency bar to the left/right to find the
radio channel that you want.
Frequency Bar
Displays the current frequency
Displays the current broadcast station name.
Plays frequencies with superior reception for 5 seconds each
Used to set whether to turn HD Radio™ reception On/Off.
  HD Radio
Runs the SoundHound feature. For more detailed feature,
please refer to SoundHound section in Info part.
MY_G4.0[USA_N] QRG.indd
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