2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

Other Features
Steering-linked camera
This parking guide system is activated if
you shift the gear to R when the power is
on or the engine has started.
A wide-angle  lens is installed   as the rear
detection  camera  to get a wider   view, so
there may be some difference between the
actual distance and the distance that appears
on-screen.  For safety, make sure   to view
the back, right, and left sides of the car for
About  0.5m  from  the
rear bumper
Red Line
About 1m from the rear
Yellow Line 1
Yellow Line 2
Yellow Line 3
Yellow Line 4
Blue Line  
About 3m from the rear
The color of the parking guidelines displayed
in  the  picture  may  differ  from  the  actual
Trajectory of the wheel
on the driver’s side
Trajectory of the wheel
on the passenger side
Neutral steering trajec-
As you reverse your car and monitor the
area behind your car, the steering-linked
driving trajectory and the neutral driving
trajectory are both displayed.
I Other Features
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