2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

Distraction Hazard
Some navigation features may require manual (non-verbal) setup. Attempting to perform such set-up or insert data while driving can seri-
ously distract your attention and could cause an accident or other serious consequences. Stop the vehicle in a safe and legal manner
before attempting these operations.
Let Your Judgment Prevail
Any navigation features are provided only as an aid. Make your driving decisions based on your observations of local conditions and exist-
ing traffic regulations. Any such feature is not a substitute for your personal judgment. Any route suggestions made by this system should
never replace any local traffic regulations or your personal judgment or knowledge of safe driving practices.
Route Safety
Do not follow the route suggestions if doing so would result in an unsafe or illegal maneuver, if you would be placed in an unsafe situation,
or if you would be directed into an area that you consider unsafe. The driver is ultimately responsible for the safe operation of the vehicle
and therefore, must evaluate whether it is safe to follow the suggested directions.
Potential Map Inaccuracy
Maps used by this system may be inaccurate because of changes in roads, traffic controls or driving conditions. Always use good judg-
ment and common sense when following the suggested routes.
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