2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

Android Auto
What is Android Auto?
You can securely manipulate your
smart phone while driving by using
this  feature. Various  functions  on
your smart phone are displayed on
the multimedia system so you can
easily use any of them (finding the
direction, making a call, listening to
music, etc.).
Your phone  may not   be  recog-
nized if its battery is low. Charge
your phone then try again.
If your phone is shut down due to
a defect in the device itself, reset
your phone and try again.
If you  repeatedly   connect  and
disconnect the USB cable on the
device in a short period of time,
your phone may malfunction. This
can also cause a device failure.
The device recognition time may
differ  depending  on  the  device
type and firmware/OS version.
“Android Auto” appears with Android
phone  connected.  Available  func-
tions  and  operations    may  differ
depending on the company model.
For using this feature, the dedi-
cated cable is recommended   to
use. (Using a non-genuine product
may cause noise or malfunction.)
Normal operations are not guaran-
teed when you arbitrarily manip-
ulate  your phone  while  Android
Auto is active.
For more information,   refer to the
manual or visit the website.
Android Auto is a registered trade-
mark of Google Inc.
Android Auto is unavailable if the
version of communication protocol
is not supported or your phone is
unable to be recognized due to a
shutdown caused by a failure or
defect in the device itself.
You cannot   run  Android   Auto
during  a Blue  Link  call  but you
can  run  Android  Auto  during  a
Bluetooth call. (However, you can-
not use audio-related features in
Android Auto mode.)
Android Auto may not operate nor-
mally due to mobile phone issues.
Carrier charges may apply to use
Android Auto.
MY_G4.0[USA_N] QRG.indd
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