2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

Safety Cautions
Pay attention to the volume setting when
turning the device on. A sudden output
of extreme  volume  upon  turning  the
device on could lead to hearing impair-
ment. (Adjust the volume to a suitable
levels before turning off the device.)
Do not  subject  the  device  to severe
shock or impact. Direct pressure onto
the front side of the monitor may cause
damage to the LCD or touch screen.
When cleaning the device, make sure
to turn off the device and use a dry and
smooth cloth. Never use tough materi-
als, chemical cloths, or solvents(alcohol,
benzene, thinners, etc.) as such mate-
rials may damage the device panel or
cause color/quality deterioration. When
experiencing product concerns, inquire
with your place of purchase or service
maintenance center.
Pay attention  to traffic  conditions  while
In some instances, the navigation may
provide  guidance  through  restricted
If you want to change the position of
device installation, please inquire with
your place of purchase or service main-
tenance center. Technical expertise is
required to install or disassemble the
Operating the device while driving could
lead to accidents due to a lack of atten-
tion to external surroundings. First park
the vehicle before operating the device.
In addition, the touch screen may not
work for some functions when the vehi-
cle is in motion. The touch screen fea-
ture will be supported once the vehicle
has stopped.
Turn on the car ignition before using this
device. Do not operate the Multimedia
system for long periods of time with the
ignition turned off as such operations
may lead to battery discharge.
Prevent caustic solutions such as per-
fume and cosmetic oil from contacting
the dashboard because they may cause
damage or discoloration.
Adjust the volume to levels that allow
the driver to hear sounds from outside
of the vehicle. Driving in a state where
external sounds cannot be heard may
lead to accidents.
Upon using   the  Multimedia  system
for more than 10 minutes with the car
engine turned off, the following warning
will be displayed. After 10 minutes, the
warning will be displayed for 5 seconds
every 1 minute.
Warnings and Cautions I 1-3
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