2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

CAUTIONS upon Connecting
If you do not want automatic connection
with your Bluetooth  ®  device, turn  the
Bluetooth® feature off of the Bluetooth®
The Handsfree call volume and quality
may differ  depending   on  the  mobile
Bluetooth  Phone
Before connecting  the head unit with
the mobile phone, check to see that the
mobile phone supports Bluetooth® fea-
Pairing Bluetooth® devices and use of
other Bluetooth® features are not sup-
ported when the vehicle is in motion. For
safety, please first park your vehicle.
When downloading   contacts,   is  not
functioning and is not described within
this user’s manual it may be related with
the mobile device. When that occurs,
inquire within the mobile phone manu-
Park the vehicle when connecting the
head unit with the mobile phone.
Bluetooth®  connection  may  become
intermittently   disconnected   in  some
mobile phones.  Follow these steps to
try again.
Even if the phone supports Bluetooth®
Wireless Technology,   the  phone  will
not be found during device searches if
the phone has been set to hidden state
or the Bluetooth®  power is turned off.
Disable the hidden state or turn on the
Bluetooth ® power  prior  to searching/
connecting with the head unit.
1. Turn the Bluetooth® function within
the mobile phone OFF/ON and try
2. Turn the mobile phone power OFF/
ON and try again.
If  Auto   Connection      is  used,    the
Bluetooth® phone is automatically con-
nected when the ignition is turned on,
making it unnecessary to have to con-
nect the phone with the head unit every
3. Completely    remove   the  mobile
phone  battery,  reboot,   and  then
4. Reboot the Multimedia System and
try again.
Delete all paired devices from both
of Phone and Head Unit sides and
then try again
Before Using the Bluetooth
Handsfree I 3-3
H_LF16MY_G4.0[USA_N] Part3.indd
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