2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

Before Using the Bluetooth
Precautions for Safe Driving
Bluetooth® Handsfree is a feature that
enables drivers  to practice  safe driv-
ing. Connecting  the head unit   with a
Bluetooth ® phone  allows  the  user  to
conveniently make calls, receive calls,
and manage the phone book. Before
using Bluetooth® Wireless Technology,
carefully read the contents of this user’s
The Bluetooth® Handsfree feature may
not be supported in some mobile phones.
For more information on mobile phone
compatibility, visit the HYUNDAI website
What is Bluetooth
Wireless Technology?
-  HYUNDAI Motor America : https://www.
Bluetooth® Wireless Technology refers
to a short-distance   wireless network-
ing technology which uses a 2.45GHz
frequency to connect various devices
within a certain distance.
Supported within PCs, external devices,
Bluetooth® phones, PDAs, various elec-
tronic devices, and automotive environ-
ments, Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
to be transmitted at high speeds without
having to use a connector cable.
Excessive use or operations while driv-
ing may lead to negligent driving prac-
tices and be the cause of accidents. Do
not operate the device excessively while
Viewing the screen for prolonged peri-
ods of time is dangerous and may lead
to accidents. When   driving,  view the
screen only for short periods of time.
Bluetooth® Handsfree refers to a device
which allows the user to conveniently
make  phone   calls  with   Bluetooth   ®
mobile phones through the Multimedia
I Bluetooth
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