2016 Hyundai Sonata Car Multimedia System Manual

About Making/Answering Phone Calls
About Bluetooth  Wireless Technology/
Head Unit Use Environment
Q How can I answer a call?
A When  there  is an incoming   call,  a notification  pop-up  will
become  displayed. To answer the incoming   call,  press  the
Q What is the range of my wireless connection?
A The wireless connection can be used within 15 yards.
button on the screen or the
key on the steering
remote controller.
Q How many mobile phones can be paired?
A It is possible to pair up to five mobile phones.
To reject the call, press the
button on the screen or press
key on the steering wheel control.
Q Why is call quality sometimes poor?
Q What should I do if I am talking on the Handsfree but want to
switch the call to the mobile phone?
A Check the reception sensitivity of the mobile phone when call
quality becomes worsened. The call quality may deteriorate when
the signal strength is low. Call quality may also worsen if metal
objects, such as beverage cans, are placed near the mobile
phone. Check to see if there are metal objects in the vicinity of the
mobile phone. The call sound and quality may differ depending on
the type of mobile phone.
A While on a call, press and hold (over 0.8 seconds) the
key on the steering remote controller or press the
Use Private
button at the bottom of the Phone screen to switch the call to
your mobile phone.
I Appendix
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