2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

To Reset the Sunroof
3. Push and hold the sunroof  control
lever  forward  (to  close  the  sun-
shade) for  about 10 seconds until
the  sunroof  moves  slightly,  then
release the control lever.
Periodically remove any dirt that
may accumulate  on the sunroof
guide  rail  or  between the  sun-
roof and roof panel.
Do  not try  to open  the  sunroof
when  the temperature  is  below
freezing or  when the  sunroof is
covered  with  snow  or  ice,  the
motor could be damaged.
Push and hold the  sunroof control
lever   forward  until   the   sunroof
operates as follows:
Sunshade Open Glass Tilt Open
Glass Slide Open  Glass Slide
Close Sunshade Close
i   Information
Then, release the control lever.
After  the  vehicle  is  washed  or  in  a
rainstorm,  be  sure   to  wipe  off  any
water  that  is  on  the  sunroof  before
operating it.
When this is complete, the sunroof
system is reset.
The sunroof may  need to be reset  if
the following conditions occur:
The  battery  is discharged  or  dis-     For   more  information,   contact   an
connected or the  sunroof fuse has     authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
been replaced or disconnected
The  sunroof  control   lever  is  not
operating correctly
i   Information
If you do not reset the sunroof, it may
not work properly.
To reset the sunroof, perform the fol-
lowing steps:
Turn the  engine on and  close the
sunroof glass and sunshade  com-
Release the control lever.
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