2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
Warning Light and Message
The LDWS does not operate when:
Limitations of the system
The driver turns  on the turn  signal
to  change  lanes  or  operates  the
hazard warning flasher.
The LDWS may operate prematurely
even  if the  vehicle does  not  depart
from   the  intended   lane,   OR,  the
Warning message
Master warning light
The  camera   recognition   system     LDWS may  not warn you if  the vehi-
detects  that the  vehicle  is driving      cle leaves  the  intended  lane under
on the lane lines.
the following circumstances:
The  lanes  ahead  are  not  visible
due  to  rain,  snow,  water  on  the
road,  damaged  or  stained
surface, or other factors
i   Information
Always operate the turn signal before
changing lanes.
The  brightness   outside  changes
suddenly such as when entering or
exiting a tunnel
The  brightness outside  is too  low
such as  when the  headlamps  are
not  on  at  night  or  the  vehicle  is
going through a tunnel
If  there   is  a  malfunction  with   the
LDWS,  the  indicator on  the  cluster
will  illuminate yellow.  Additionally, a
message that reads, "Check LDWS",
will  appear on  the cluster  LCD  dis-
play. After  the message  disappears,
•  It is difficult  to distinguish the  lane
marking  from the  road  surface or
the  lane  marking is  faded  or  not
clearly marked
the  master  warning  light  (
)  will
Driving on a steep  grade or over a
hill,  or when  driving  on  a  curved
Take  your  vehicle to  an  authorized
HYUNDAI dealer  and have  the sys-
tem checked.
Product Specification
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