2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

Safety system of your vehicle
Occupant Classification
System (OCS)
Main components of the
Front  passenger   seat  adult   occu-
pants  who are  properly seated  and
wearing    the   seat   belt    properly,
should not  cause the  passenger air
bag to  be automatically turned  OFF.
For  small  adults  it  may  be  turned
OFF, however,  if the  occupant does
not sit in the seat properly (for exam-
ple, by  not  sitting upright,  by sitting
Occupant Classification System
A  detection  device located  within
the front passenger seat cushion.
Electronic   system   to   determine
whether   the  passenger   air   bag
systems  should   be  activated   or
An  indicator  light  located  on  the     on the  edge of the seat, or by  other-
instrument panel which  illuminates     wise being out of position), this could
the words "PASSENGER AIR BAG     cause the  sensor to turn the  air bag
OFF"  indicating the  front  passen-
ger air bag system is deactivated.
You will  find the  "PASSENGER AIR
•  The instrument panel  air bag  indi-     BAG  OFF"  indicator  on  the  center
cator  light  is  interconnected  with     facia  panel. This system detects  the
Your  vehicle   is  equipped   with  an
the OCS.
conditions 1-4  in  the following  table
and activates or deactivates the front
passenger  air  bag based  on  these
(OCS) in the front passenger’s seat.
The OCS  is  designed to  detect the
presence  of a  properly-seated front
passenger and determine if  the pas-
senger's   front  air   bag  should   be
enabled (may inflate) or not.
The  purpose  is to  help  reduce  the
risk of  injury or death from  an inflat-
ing air bag to certain front passenger
seat occupants, such as children,  by
requiring the air  bag to be automati-
cally turned OFF.
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