2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

Master Warning Light
Icy road warning light
(if equipped)
i   Information
If the icy road warning light appears
while driving, you should drive more
attentively and safely refraining from
over-speeding,    rapid    acceleration,
sudden braking or sharp turning, etc.
This warning light illuminates in
one of the following situations:
When there  is a  problem with  the
Collision Warning System (FCWS).
When there  is a  problem with  the
Smart Cruise Control (SCC).
When there  is a  problem with  the
Blind Spot Detection (BSD).
When washer fluid level is low.
When there  is a  problem with  the
Tire  Pressure  Monitoring  System
This warning light is to warn the driv-
er the road may be icy.
When  the  temperature  on  the out-
side  temperature gauge  is  approxi-
mately  below   40°F  (4°C),  the   Icy
Road  Warning   Light   and  Outside
Temperature Gauge blinks  10 times,
and then illuminates. Also, the  warn-
ing chime sounds 3 times.
To identify the cause  of the warning,
look at the LCD display.
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