2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

Push the plug  in as far as  it will
go. If good contact  is not made,
the  plug may  overheat  and the
fuse may blow.
To  prevent damage  to  the Power
Outlets :
Use the  power outlet only when
the    engine    is   running    and
remove the accessory plug after
use.  Using  the  accessory  plug
for  prolonged   periods  of  time
with the  engine off could  cause
the battery to discharge.
Only   use  12V   electric   acces-
sories which are less than 180 W
in electric capacity.
Avoid electrical  shocks. Do not
place  your   fingers  or   foreign
objects (pin,  etc.)  into a  power
outlet or touch the power  outlet
with a wet hand.
Plug  in battery  equipped  electri-
cal/electronic devices with reverse
current  protection.  The  current
from the battery may flow into the
vehicle’s electrical/electronic  sys-
tem  and cause  system  malfunc-
Adjust   the    air-conditioner   or
heater  to   the  lowest  operating
level when using the power outlet.
Close the cover when not in use.
Some   electronic   devices   can
cause   electronic    interference
when  plugged  into  a   vehicle’s
power outlet.These devices may
cause   excessive   audio   static
and malfunctions  in  other elec-
tronic systems  or devices  used
in your vehicle.
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