2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

Do not attempt  to install a  child
restraint  system   using  LATCH
anchors in  the rear center  seat-
ing position.There are no LATCH
anchors  provided for  this  seat.
Using the outboard seat anchors
can damage  the anchors  which
may  break or  fail  in a  collision
resulting  in   serious  injury   or
Lower Anchor
Position Indicator
LATCH anchors  have been provided
in  the  left  and  right  outboard   rear
seating positions. Their locations  are
shown in the illustration.There are no
LATCH anchors provided for the cen-
ter rear seating position.
The  lower  anchor  position  indicator
symbols  are located  on  the left  and
right  rear  seat backs  to  identify  the
position of  the lower  anchors in your
vehicle (see arrows in illustration).
The   LATCH  anchors   are   located
between  the seatback  and the  seat
cushion of the rear seat left and right
outboard seating positions.
To  use the  lower  anchor,  push  the
upper  portion  of  the   lower  anchor
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