2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

Face-Level (B, D, F)
Air flow is  directed toward the upper
body  and   face.  Additionally,   each
outlet can be  controlled to direct the
air discharged from the outlet.
Bi-Level (B, C, D, E, F)
Rear (if equipped)
Air flow  is directed towards  the face
and the floor.
Defrost-Level (A)
Most of the  air flow is  directed to the
windshield with a  small amount of air
directed to the side window defrosters.
Floor & Defrost (A, C, D, E)
Most of the air flow is  directed to the
floor and the windshield with  a small
amount directed  to the  side window
Instrument panel vents
The  outlet vents  can  be opened  or
closed  separately using  the  thumb-
wheel. To close the vent, rotate it left
(Rear : down)  to the maximum posi-
tion. To open  the vent, rotate  it right
(Rear : up) to the desired position.
Also, you  can adjust the direction  of
air  delivery  from these  vents  using
the vent control lever as shown.
Floor-Level (A, C, D, E)
Most of the air flow is  directed to the
floor, with  a small  amount of the  air
being directed to  the windshield and
side window defrosters.
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