2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

Make sure you close the trunk
before driving your vehicle.
Make sure there are no people
or  objects  around  the   trunk
before opening or  closing the
Make sure objects in the trunk
do not  come out  when open-
ing  the  trunk  on  a  slope.   It
may cause serious injury.
Make  sure  to  deactivate  the
Smart  Trunk   when  washing
your  vehicle.  Otherwise,   the
trunk may open inadvertently.
The key should be kept out  of
reach   of  children.   Children
may  inadvertently   open   the
Smart   Trunk   while   playing
around  the  rear  area   of  the
Detect and Alert
3. Automatic opening
The   Smart   Trunk   detecting   area     The  hazard warning  lights will  blink
extends approximately 20~40  in (50~     and  chime  will  sound  2  times  and
cm) behind the vehicle. If you are     then the trunk  will open.
positioned in  the  detecting area  and
are carrying the smart key, the hazard
warning lights will blink and the chime
will sound for about 3 seconds to alert
you that the smart trunk will open.
i   Information
Do not approach the detecting area if
you do not want the trunk to open. If
you  have  unintentionally  entered  the
detecting area and the hazard warn-
ing lights and chime starts to operate,
leave   the   detecting   area   with   the
smart key. The trunk will stay closed.
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