2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

Driving your vehicle
Vehicle Stability Management
VSM operation
VSM ON condition
i   Information
The VSM does not operate when:
The  Vehicle   Stability  Management     The VSM operates when:
(VSM) is a  function of the Electronic
Driving on bank road such as gradi-
ent or incline
The   Electronic   Stability   Control
(ESC) is on.
Vehicle   speed  is   approximately
above  9 mph  (15 km/h)  on  curve
Stability  Control   (ESC)   system.  It
helps ensure the vehicle stays stable
when  accelerating  or  braking  sud-
denly  on   wet,  slippery  and   rough
roads  where  traction  over  the  four
tires  can suddenly become uneven.
•  Driving rearward.
ESC OFF indicator light is on.
EPS (Electric Power Steering) warn-
ing light (
) is on.
•  Vehicle  speed   is   approximately
above 12 mph (20  km/h) when the
vehicle is braking on rough roads.
Take  the following  precautions
when using the Vehicle Stability
Management (VSM):
When operating
When you  apply  your brakes  under
conditions  which  may   activate  the
ESC, you may hear sounds  from the
brakes, or feel  a corresponding sen-
sation in the brake pedal. This is nor-
mal and it means your VSM is active.
ALWAYS check the speed and
the  distance   to   the  vehicle
ahead. The VSM is  not a  sub-
stitute  for  safe  driving  prac-
Never  drive  too  fast   for  the
road conditions.The VSM sys-
tem   will   not   prevent   acci-
dents. Excessive speed in bad
weather, slippery  and uneven
roads   can  result   in   severe
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