2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

Emergency fuel filler door
i   Information
Do not over-fill or  top-off your
vehicle tank, which can  cause
gasoline spillage.
Make   sure   to  refuel   your   vehicle
according to the "Fuel Requirements"
suggested in the Introduction chapter.
If a fire breaks out during refu-
eling, leave  the vicinity of  the
vehicle, and  immediately con-
tact  the  manager  of  the  gas
station  and  then  contact  the
local  fire  department.  Follow
any  safety   instructions  they
If pressurized fuel  sprays out,
it  can  cover  your  clothes  or
skin  and thus  subject  you to
the   risk  of   fire  and   burns.
Always  remove  the  fuel   cap
carefully and slowly. If the cap
is venting fuel or if  you hear a
hissing  sound,  wait until  the
condition  stops  before  com-
pletely removing the cap.
Do not  spill fuel  on the exterior
surfaces of the vehicle. Any type
of  fuel  spilled  on  painted  sur-
faces may damage the paint.
If  the   fuel   filler  cap   requires
replacement, use only a genuine
HYUNDAI cap  or  the equivalent
specified  for   your  vehicle.  An
incorrect    fuel   filler   cap   can
result  in  a serious  malfunction
of  the fuel  system  or  emission
control system.
If the  fuel  filler door  does not  open
using   the  remote   fuel   filler   door
release button, you can open it man-
ually. Pull  the handle  of the  release
located  on the  left  side  of  the lug-
gage compartment outward slightly.
Always check that the fuel cap
is installed securely to prevent
fuel spillage in the event of an
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