2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

Securing a child restraint seat
with “Tether Anchor” system
Take  the  following precautions
when installing the tether strap:
Read and follow all installation
instructions    provided    with
your child restraint system.
NEVER attach  more than  one
child restraint to a single teth-
er  anchor.  This  could  cause
the  anchor  or  attachment  to
come loose or break.
To install the tether anchor:
Do not  attach the tether  strap
to anything other than the cor-
rect tether  anchor. It  may not
work  properly  if   attached  to
something else.
Do not use the  tether anchors
for adult seat belts or harness-
es, or for attaching other items
or equipment to the vehicle.
Route the child restraint tether strap
over  the  child  restraint   seatback.
Route  the  tether  strap  under  the
head  restraint   and  between   the
head  restraint  posts, or  route  the
tether strap over the top of the vehi-
cle seatback. Make sure the strap is
not twisted.
First  secure the  child  restraint  with
the LATCH lower anchors or the seat
belt. If the child restraint manufactur-
er  recommends  that the  top  tether
strap be attached, attach and tighten
the top  tether strap to the  top tether
strap anchor.
Connect the tether strap hook to the
tether anchor, then tighten the teth-
er strap according  to the child seat
manufacturer’s instructions to firmly
secure the child restraint to the seat.
Check  that   the  child  restraint   is
securely  attached  to  the  seat  by
pushing and pulling the seat forward
and from side-to-side.
Child   restraint   hook   holders   are
located on the package tray.
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