2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug In Hybrid Owners Manual

Convenient features of your vehicle
Windshield Washers
If   equipped    with   the    Headlamp
Washer, washer  fluid will  be sprayed
on the headlamp at the same time you
operate the windshield washer when:
To  prevent possible  damage  to
the washer  pump,  do not  oper-
ate  the  washer  when  the  fluid
reservoir is empty.
To  prevent possible  damage  to
the wipers or windshield, do not
operate   the  wipers   when   the
windshield is dry.
To prevent  damage to the wiper
arms and other components,  do
not attempt  to move  the wipers
•  To prevent  possible  damage  to
the  wipers and  washer system,
use  anti-freezing  washer  fluids
in  the   winter   season  or   cold
Engine Start/Stop  button is  in the
ON position.
The light switch is in the headlamp
When the  outside temperature is
below freezing,ALWAYS warm the
windshield using the  defroster to
prevent  the   washer  fluid  from
freezing  on  the  windshield  and
obscuring   your   vision    which
could  result  in an  accident  and
serious injury or death.
In  the  OFF  position,  pull  the  lever
gently  toward  you  to  spray  washer
fluid on the windshield and to run the
wipers  1-3   cycles.  The  spray  and
wiper operation will continue until you
release the lever. If  the washer does
not work, you may need to add wash-
er fluid to the washer fluid reservoir.
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